Hi Sweet Soul,

and welcome to Nutmeg & Honeybee. I’m so grateful you have found your way to my little corner of the universe. Over the past two years, I have dedicated my life to cultivating purpose and joy through the healing nature of art and community. If you have been following along since 2014, you may know that I started baking after my older brother died in a car crash. That pivotal moment in my life became a catalyst for expressing my grief through art, and more specifically, learning how to transform pain into sweetness. But throughout my experience baking, I learned that passions change, too. It was another moment where I felt the sting of losing something I once loved. I was grieving inner change. And through that grief, I finally learned that I do not need to define myself as one thing. I create joy by following my curiosity in any experience that adds value to my life. My story is ever evolving and I am constantly changing, so my work and creativity will reflect the ebbs and flows of those experiences. I hope to inspire YOU to find the comfort in the unknown of your life, the beauty in all of your experiences and the courage to create a life rooted in love. Your heart knows the way and success is just following your heart.  

xo Nutmeg